Aircraft Cleaning Consultation

Aviation cleaning consultation from small flight departments to FBO's and the Airlines

Jet Wash set up the cleaning program for Alaska Airlines, Aloha Airlines, Frontier Airlines and Northwest Airlines which has been carried over to Delta Airlines. We cleaned the fleet of United Airlines which already had a great program in place that we were able to implement into our cleaning program to enhance safety and appearance.

Our consultation includes compliance with the FAA, TSA, Airport Security, ICE, Homeland Security, and the FBI to enable your employees to be cleared on the airport ramps.

Aircraft cleaning consulting includes classroom instruction on safety, approved cleaning materials for both interior and exterior of the aircraft and proper forms to fill out for each job.

  • Presentation of the methods used and proper direction as well as how to set up efficiently so no time is wasted. This will keep your payroll at minimum which is your biggest expense.
  • Presentation of the type of equipment to use that will help increase safety and reduce fatigue on the cleaners while ensuring safety around the aircraft.
  • We'll provide checklists to ensure safety around the aircraft. Checklists will include QA on work accomplished, tool control, material control.
  • Presentation of the logbook procedures and the responsibilities of using an A&P (Airframe & Powerplant Mechanic - AMT) for supervision.
  • We'll provide tracking of your customer's aircraft with time intervals to have cleaning accomplished using an Excel spreadsheet.
  • We'll provide you with an Excel spreadsheet that will help you bid on each type of aircraft and type of work involved to maximize your Gross Profit Margin.  
  • We'll also work with you on actual aircraft for OJT. We'll implement the classroom training and put it to work while observing safety and compliance using all the forms mentioned.

We'll provide you with all the materials and some recommended equipment. This will give you enough material good for at least 10 aircraft cleanings.

We'll also provide you with the proper recommended equipment such as:

  • Buffers and pads for use on brightwork of the leading edges and engine inlets.  
  • Dryfoam shampoo machine for aircraft carpet cleaning. This is a small lightweight, compact machine that is easy to train and use with excellent results and complies with Boeing standards for carpet fireproofing.
  • Vacuum booms for retrieving water runoff of the exterior wet washes. Our vacuum boom has been approved at SAN, the strictest airport in the U.S. for wet washing. This will also eliminate the need for an extra employee to retrieve water while others wash.    
  • Pads, pad holders and the best poles for use in the exterior cleaning.
  • Interior cleaning material.

If training is requested overseas, we will have everything shipped prior to arrival.

We can do this at any airport that you are located at as long as it's not hostile to US citizens.

Please don't hesitate to call us anytime between 7am and 9pm PST for additional questions.

619-279-0333619-279-0333Or contact Scott Bishop via email

Airline and/or General Aviation Cleaning Consultation Available
Jet Wash SAN Jet Wash Locations:

Jet Wash Located at SANJet Wash has been detailing aircraft since 1988 utilizing A&P mechanics - required by the FAA!
Jet Wash is located at Landmark Aviation, Lindbergh Field - San Diego, CA - (SAN) with operations at Palomar Airport (CRQ), Montgomery Field (MGM), Gillespie Field (CJN) and Brown Field (SDM)

San Diego is the optimum location for aircraft washing and detailing due to its 70 degree year round summer climate with the least amount of rain and wind in the entire US. Never worries of icing after an exterior wash or dragging in bad weather elements during an interior cleaning.

Jet Wash Clients in San DiegoJet Wash Customers

Click here to find out if this is you!Jet Wash is on the approval list with NetJets, FlexJet, CitationAir and Flight Options just to name a few.
Jet Wash also cleans aircraft based at Landmark and all transient private jet customers coming into Landmark Aviation at San Diego's Lindbergh Field.

aircraft cleaning contractsJet Wash held contracts cleaning top to bottom the entire fleet of 757's & A320's for United and Northwest Airlines as well as washing the entire fleet of aircraft for Alaska, Aloha & Frontier Airlines.

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