FAA Requirements

FAA Requirements for Aircraft Exterior Cleaning

Washing, waxing & polishing are preventive maintenance items listed under FAR part 43, appendix A, section C, paragraphs 9 & 10, and also under FAR 1.1 (preventive maintenance).

You'll find the "Aircraft Cleaning" listed as Preventative Maintenance in the A&P handbook which outlines what Preventive Maintenance is: A&P handbook Ch. 6-19 thru 6-25. Both interior cleaning and exterior cleaning are listed!

The FAA requires that all preventive maintenance items for FAR 91, 121 and 135 operators need to be completed and singed off by a certified A&P mechanic for approval to return to service in compliance of FAR part 43.3.
You will also find aircraft exterior cleaning as a maintenance procedure listed in your aircraft manufactures maintenance manuals. Again, any procedures listed in your maintenance manual needs to be accomplished by an A&P mechanic along with a logbook signature.

The only difference when cleaning part 91 vs. 135/121 aircraft is the pilot/owner can perform the work (only on their own a/c) but the FAA does not allow for anyone else to perform the work unless they hold an A&P / AMT certificate.

Don't let the local FAA down your aircraft because you used an auto detailer! Use professional A&P mechanics... It's a federal law!

FAA Requirements for Aircraft Cleaning
Jet Wash SAN Jet Wash Locations:

Jet Wash Located at SANJet Wash has been detailing aircraft since 1988 utilizing A&P mechanics - required by the FAA!
Jet Wash is located at Landmark Aviation, Lindbergh Field - San Diego, CA - (SAN) with operations at Palomar Airport (CRQ), Montgomery Field (MGM), Gillespie Field (CJN) and Brown Field (SDM)

San Diego is the optimum location for aircraft washing and detailing due to its 70 degree year round summer climate with the least amount of rain and wind in the entire US. Never worries of icing after an exterior wash or dragging in bad weather elements during an interior cleaning.

Aircraft CleaingJet Wash Customers

Click here to find out if this is you!Jet Wash is on the approval list with NetJets, FlexJet, CitationAir and Flight Options just to name a few.
Jet Wash also cleans aircraft based at Landmark and all transient private jet customers coming into Landmark Aviation at San Diego's Lindbergh Field.

aircraft cleaning contractsJet Wash held contracts cleaning the entire fleet of 757's & A320's top to bottom for United and Northwest Airlines as well as washing the entire fleet of aircraft for Alaska, Aloha & Frontier Airlines.

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